Show your true colours with this dazzling display of brilliance from a real legend of the game. A stunning moodlight in the iconic image of a classic Subbuteo player, this is the perfect gift for any football fan. The Subbuteo Light has two different mode options, so will phase through incredible colours for an ever changing mood, or stick to your favourite colour of choice for the ideal personalized option. Subbuteo, (literally meaning 'hobby' in Latin) is the quintessential table football game, played by millions of football obsessives world wide. First created by Peter Adolph in the 1940s, the game took the world by storm as countless players recreated their favourite footballing moments and became their icons through the tiny plastic figures. Initially a children's favourite, the game soon grew in popularity and became beloved by football fans of all ages. The Subbuteo Light is dual powered, either by batteries or micro USB, with a micro USB cable included. To change lighting modes, simply push down on the player when on your chosen colour and the mode will switch from phasing to fixed. Press down on the player a second time to switch back to phasing mode. On/off switch is located on the unit. Batteries can be changed by following the instructions included on the packaging. Batteries not included. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Recommended for ages 6 and above.