Need gift idea's for that secret Santa at work? Not quite sure what to get them? With these great idea's, you'll be sure to find something.

Whether your secret Santa is a close friend or your office nemesis, we will have something to either make you laugh or them grateful for such a cool novelty gift.

Make Christmas memorable this year, we are thrilled to bring you this hand picked selection of what we think will make great gift idea's for friends and family, all sourced from our scouting team in London, UK.


"Big Carl" Giant Wine Glass


Get your very own Big Carl! Huge wine glass Holds approx. 852ml/30oz A full bottle of wine fits into one glass Shape designed for continuous aerating Measures approx. 26cm x 13cm

Bath Pug


This is perfect bath plug for pug lovers everywhere, or just dog lovers in general, this cute novelty bath plug will make a great stocking filler, a brilliant gift for her, the little pug stays afloat in your bath with the help from his rubber ring. Fits all standard sized baths.  

Batman Gadget Pen

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Ever wondered how cool Batman's pen must be if he has all these other cool expensive gizmo's, well luckily for you we have been to Wayne Enterprise and sourced the Batman's very own pen, its all in one functions include a ruler, a doubled ended screwdriver, and touchscreen stylus and a spirit level. I think you can admit, that's a pretty...

Batman Projection Torch


Ever wished you could use the Bat symbol and summon the batman? Well now you can (although no promises are made he will show up), when this Batman projection torch is switched on, the iconic bat-signal logo is displayed and can be seen clearly on flat surfaces. The torch requires 4 x LR41 batteries which come included.

Beard Buddy Apron

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Fed up of finding beard hair every where after you've had a shave or your husband has? Then this is the ideal gift idea for you, with super strong suction pads that hold the washable apron in place on any mirror, catching all the loose hairs and leaving you with mess free shaving

BMF Phone Case Iphone 6/6s

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You are one BMF! And for those that don't know that, why not show them whose the boss, with this leather embossed phone case. Get this gift for only the baddest of mofo's in your life! Fits IPhone 6/6s only.